poetry by j matthew waters

sailing to philadelphia

he sailed to philadelphia in a dream
sent by angels to rediscover a land
known for its doves and roses

he surveyed the streets on sandaled feet
breathing in air and admiring the people
who were nearly like him
who were down-to-earth
and homeless

everyone who witnessed the scars of
his past tattooed on his arms
and feet and sides
welcomed him with open smiles
begging him to break bread with them

may two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “sailing to philadelphia

  1. John, my friend, this is a triumph of a poem! The first stanza is absolutely breathtaking and the rest – well, just perfection – really really fine work. K

  2. Bonnie on said:

    hey mister, anyone tell you that you write great poetry? 😉

  3. fantastic and the imagery it conjures….we are all equally lovely then

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