poetry by j matthew waters

never a dull moment

I saw that young grey squirrel
all winter long
chasing cars and
scaring dogs on leashes
jumping at them from out of nowhere
then zigzagging here then there
zipping out of sight laughing

I imagined he had stashes of nuts
all over the neighborhood
because he always looked
lean and mean
more energetic than any winter
squirrel I ever did see
scampering all over like it was spring

on days when the magic seemingly
runs dry I wish I could
reach into his bag of tricks
pull out a masterpiece that
makes you suddenly hit the brakes
sending your sedan swerving
over the curb and
slamming into your own snowman

january two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “never a dull moment

  1. Given the squirrel’s manic activity and the subsequent Snowmanicide, if I didn’t know you better I would have said the bag of tricks was full of pot! 😀

  2. Somehow I cannot picture a squirrel this capable, but maybe our squirrels simply are too small to scare dogs.

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