poetry by j matthew waters

an endless recollection

repetition of living has taken its toll
on my susceptible shell
altering its physicalities
while heightening my emotions

determined to keep my thoughts
in proper order
I focus on an energy
that is bound to send me skyward

nothing can take away the color
of those changing leaves
or the rippling of streaming water
polishing age-old rocks
nothing can erase the rising
of an off-white moon
or the setting of a kaleidoscope sun
nothing will remove the sounds of laughter
on a summer afternoon
or the sadness trapped inside
melancholy sighs

stepping forward and upward
I shed the weight of the world
and all that it entails
sailing away while looking back
at an endless recollection

october two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “an endless recollection

  1. A wonderful Autumn contemplation. It has such a great flow, like waves

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  3. There is beauty in physical death.

    • I can only imagine that this is true, Beverley.

      • I don’t know if you meant for your poem to relate to death, however that is how I interpreted it.

      • Yes, actually I did, Bev, but like most of my poetry is open to the reader’s own interpretation. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts – I didn’t mean for my initial response to throw you.

      • I love your poetry…always beautiful and thought provoking. Have you published yet?

      • I’m happy knowing you’ve enjoyed my poetry, Bev. When I was in college (early 80’s) I used to submit poetry regularly to literary magazines and was fortunate to have a few poems chosen for publication. After a break I started writing again in the mid 90’s and self-published a collection of poems entitled ‘500 Pieces.’ After another hiatus I started my blog in late 2011 and have been writing regularly ever since. In the past few years I used the Kindle platform at Amazon to self-publish two more collections of poetry. Currently, I am working on my fourth collection entitled ‘Forty-Five Revolutions per Minute,’ scheduled for release sometime this winter.

      • That’s wonderful – congratulations!

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