poetry by j matthew waters

ordinary hero

if you don’t turn the soil over
every now and then
you never know what you’ll get

it’s only eight-thirty
what’s the hurry
and here I thought you were
some sort of night owl on a
mission to save the planet

history tells us
if you come in peace
you will be shot sight unseen

such a shame
so they say about the ones who
die so young
but not your kind
those destined for stardom
all the while struggling to shine

you can never promise me paradise
but rest assured your restlessness
will always keep me guessing

may two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “ordinary hero

  1. Shawna on said:

    The last stanza is my favorite. I’m baffled by people who aren’t restless almost all the time. It makes me wonder how and why their minds are still. I don’t think I would like that at all.

  2. denise0904 on said:

    the war within can be as deadly as the one without.

  3. Excellent poem… The forth stanza is so wise.
    “They say only the good die young
    That just ain’t right”, sings Lana del Rey in her song “Lust for life”. Maybe because that struggle ir will to shine is so powerful, it just persists (and alongside it, Life does) 😉

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