poetry by j matthew waters

it’s all right if I don’t answer this one

someone’s rapping on the door
and all I can think of is why oh why
aren’t they ringing the bell

I run out back and around
the side of the garage
peering toward the front door

lo and behold it’s big bird
holding thirteen helium filled balloons
red and black and white and of course yellow
blue furred cookie monster by his side
somewhat annoyed yet content
munching on a box of thin mints

I must be out of my mind I say
shaking my head
retreating back to where I once was
repeating to myself how death
never arrives as imagined

november two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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20 thoughts on “it’s all right if I don’t answer this one

  1. I am completely giddy, smitten, in love with this poem. Gah, this is awesome. I cannot stop giggling. 🙂

  2. Especially love those last two lines. Perfect ending to this poem.

  3. Not yet. Not your time.

  4. “somewhat annoyed yet content”

    Artful paradox

  5. This carries a fun tone throughout, but that ending was contrasting. Nice one, John!

  6. Anche se la traduzione non è buona percepisco la sonorità dei versi e il loro impatto emotivo.


  7. HA! Glad i stumbled back upon this one!

  8. OH! Happy Birthday, friend!
    As i typed this i i marveled at how my “friends” here are so much more Real that people i “know”…
    ok, sorry for the bummer thoughts but happy bday…wish i could be there to celebrate it with you!

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