poetry by j matthew waters

reconciling the world of art

addicted to art you look for inspiration
in most unusual places
taverns with motorcycles
hanging on walls
farmer markets with chocolate
covered butterflies and vegan jerky
sidewalks littered by children
carrying buckets of colored chalk

those walking dead around you
have limited value
as you attempt
to reconcile your obsessions
with mundane surroundings
your ordinary thoughts souring
your true intention of discovering
a way to master vivid imaginings

your dreams are not enough
you need to put them into action
and so you interact with the
world around you
the unpredictable one
the irreconcilable one
the pretty one and the ugly one
the one that comes and goes
as she pleases

march two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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12 thoughts on “reconciling the world of art

  1. Maple on said:

    You are so dang clever.

  2. You are so clever, so dang clever!

  3. vegan jerky….lol. great poem.

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