poetry by j matthew waters

a brief visitor from the unknown

I want to be that comet [or whatever
you want to call it]
that the average person off the street
can’t even begin to pronounce

you may or may not know
what I’m talking about
but it doesn’t matter to any
rogue interstellar traveler
entering the milky way
hell bent on targeting the sun

imagine if you will
lost souls attached to its tail
long ago cast away to find inner peace
hanging on fearlessly
throughout countless galaxies
occasionally returning home
leaving those bound to the surface
mesmerized by its fleeting beauty

october two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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9 thoughts on “a brief visitor from the unknown

  1. jmbhatt on said:

    Celestial visit….

  2. You speak alchemy, my friend.

  3. That’s a beautifully written desire…

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