poetry by j matthew waters

the wonderful smell of spring

i walked outside
on a warm spring day
and smelled chocolate chip cookies

they must be coming from next door
i thought
so i moseyed to my neighbor’s back door
and knocked and waited
to be let in

my neighbor didn’t come to the door
so i walked to the kitchen window
and held onto the ledge
with my fingers
pulling myself up so my chin
rested on the ledge
the heels of my feet off the ground
lifted by the power of my toes

there i saw two sheets of
chocolate chip cookies
laid out on the counter
untouched and looking delicious

i wondered why my neighbor
didn’t want to share
her brand new cookies

i walk away
the smell of the cookies
lingering everywhere

february two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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14 thoughts on “the wonderful smell of spring

  1. Oh! It’s as if you can almost taste it on your tongue!

  2. Well – now that is just about the saddest poem ever! : ) K

  3. Very nice poem and thanks for teasing a diabetic that loves chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

  4. This one is hilarious and so well done. I love the image of you peeping in the window. I might have spared you one, but when I go to the trouble of baking, my family usually gobbles it up quickly. You’d have to elbow in somehow to the cookie-trough.


  5. that sounds so sad

  6. MMmm. I can smell those chocolate chip cookies from my house!!

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