poetry by j matthew waters

Where Freedom Flies

Prisoners walked the lily fields
in magnetic boots
picking up pieces of shrapnel
left from centuries of hatred

Misunderstandings on Earth
are as certain as battlefields
unnecessary as bleeding hearts
never truly loved

Children of all civilizations
were fed into the factory
placed in single file lines
and taught elastic freedoms

As the elders grew past death
they’d come to realize
peaceful starships could sail
beyond the sun and back

april, two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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9 thoughts on “Where Freedom Flies

  1. cyberbonn on said:


  2. You write such beautiful poetry…..

  3. What a beautiful, meaningful poem, and that last line just sends me… It sounds like you’re someone ‘in the know’… 😉 Maybe we are truly on the verge of quantum leap, scientifically and, most importantly, spiritually. This is absolutely stunning.

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  5. So beautiful! I enjoyed reading and listening to it–both helped me experience the poem differently.

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