poetry by j matthew waters

Racing Toward the End

What goes on down here sometimes doesn’t make sense;
seems we’re all running around doing a bunch of nothing,
like buying Gold or picking up a 30 pack on the way home.

Just about everyone’s got an agenda these days;
some like to push theirs where they don’t belong,
others keep them propped to their ear when behind the wheel,
while the silent majority keep it to themselves
like it’s some big secret.

Everything is so plugged in that when the electricity fails
chains of events lead to even bigger headlines
such as “Man loses dog.”

Now that we number seven billion it’s high time
we call back Einstein, maybe even Darwin,
ask them to figure out how to get out of this mess
before something really serious happens.

july two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “Racing Toward the End

  1. I think about where are we going every day… this is a nice way to put it in a very brief way

  2. i wrote this is response to “all i can do i write about it” by ronnie van zant. so glad you understand the message. jw

  3. @thePoetGeo on said:

    Please do not make the mistake of thinking that the world does not have an ‘Einstein’ to help it out of critical problems. Einstein and friends exist; those that are still free, have gone to ground, or are on the run. There are wondrous scientific solutions of great beauty that make the uncluttered minds of those who see them cry tears of joy. To me, an important part of the solution is for a multitude to wake up to the reality that elite forces and elitist structures, ensconced into prevalent power structures are preserving the destructive status quo by wanton inhibition of the evolution of human cultural intelligence. Find out what really happened in Boston and your eyes may open.

    • it’s a pleasure knowing this poem sparked such passion in your written response to it. perhaps you should visit some of my “nature” poems by clicking on either the hashtag on the right or dropping down the category box and selecting “nature”. I would like find out what really happened in boston besides the red sox ending its curse a few years ago. perhaps you can email me some information at jdubqca@gmail.com. I’ve a curious mind.

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