poetry by j matthew waters

unreal television

the spider hunters believed
in making their mark
whether filmed in the amazon
or the cape of good hope

a long line of survivalists
funded their work
forsaking a return on investment
for some awesome video

the viewers became hooked
as the camouflaged pair
set traps sponsored by
some weed killer company

they reinvented themselves
season after season
adapting to new appendages
with built in silk ejectors

with ratings off the charts
they rolled the dice
promising the unheard of
to hold your attention

their evolution took a leap
episode one year eight
as a confused world watched
the birth of a new species

august two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “unreal television

  1. Do I get this, Matthew; a sense of media milking the gullible viewers trust or hope for entertainment?

    But a good friend is a real life arachnologist;-) Suppose there still are th good guys about…


    PS: just drawn to reading a few of your poems to start the day this morning: found a few favourite!

  2. Good evening, JW. I save your blog until I can take time to read it properly and enjoy hearing you read. So much interesting/enjoyable poetry, it is a shame not to go back to the older posts x

  3. Thank you, Julia, so happy you’re enjoying the poetry. xo JW

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