poetry by j matthew waters

little bird

little bird with little love
sits atop a lemon tree
hopes to turn into a dove
and live his life with ease

little bird with little friends
feeds upon a giving heart
longs to soar and pretend
his tweets are like a lark

little bird with little dreams
slowly heals his broken wing
soon to feast on tangerines
ripening across the spring

september two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “little bird

  1. beautiful…this poem speaks to my heart. thank you

  2. I like this sad little poem and remember it fondly before the world of blogs lol. Can you only buy your book for kindle?

    • i remember sending you the link via twitter because the poem reminded me of your twitter handle. i’ll email you the ebook on pdf (adobe) – just email me at jdubqca@gmail,com and i will reply with attachment

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