poetry by j matthew waters

catch and release

standing in the cloudless water
filled with rocks and sediment
and good vibrations
i cast my line
at a buffeted white boulder
shadowing a four foot pool

i pull and pause the jig with imprecise
rhythm along the creek bed
darting to the left
and to the right
jerking and sliding at my command
like a puppeteer playing the part

i bring home the jig and recast
at the same target as before
one eye focused
on the motion
the other at the rainbow trout
dormant and disinterested

over time my mind wanders
as the jig continues the routine
teasing its nemesis
with its tastiness
destined to vanish into the dark
and revive me from my trance

september two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “catch and release

  1. brudberg on said:

    John, very nice. I never understood fishing, but this make it much clearer

  2. I remember when my father is still alive we used to catch fish using fishing rod and as always it test my patience and expected I am always complaining if it took so long to catch one, one of the memories I always look back….

  3. For that way you have with words – I nominate your Blog … x


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