poetry by j matthew waters

twin loaves

i make meatloaf the way
my mother used to make it
except i do mine without the recipe
and sometimes i deviate
from the betty crocker original

it’s the best recipe on the
planet and i’m surprised
it doesn’t have the market cornered
or that you don’t hear about it
on the street or online

every time i make meatloaf
i declare it’s the best one
i’ve ever done – convinced i could
easily feed four thousand
with just two loaves

december two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “twin loaves

  1. This could be a battle of the meatloaves. I have one in the oven at this moment. I love the way they are squishy and wonderful to make and hot and fully formed when they are cooked. And the oven-smells in between are almost unbearably drooly.

  2. Oh what joy, a meatloaf love laughter 🙂

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