poetry by j matthew waters

Researching the Madness

The lines go back far they do
lines drawn on a map
from somewhere in Pennsylvania
via Antwerp and Brussels.

The little girl grew into an iron-fisted
Matriarch who rang the bell at five
to feed her boys the holiest of bread
while reciting hymnals of fear and guilt.

Her shepherdless husband
followed her trail to Illinois
to a sleepy town her brother first discovered
years before boarding SS Vaderland.

It was there tempers raged within
from the ethnically charged populous
but she managed self-restraint
and seldom raised her hand
against her own Motherland.

But for her brother the chains broke
and wickedness unleashed itself
on Christmas Day
as the quietness of the neighborhood
exploded with a single shot of insanity.

That dying branch still hangs crooked
on the corner of Rose and Lexington
its venomous DNA lingering
inside a sleepy little child.

february two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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13 thoughts on “Researching the Madness

  1. Strangely close to home. Or possibly not. Possibly just the mark of beautifully evocative poetry.

  2. cyberbonn on said:

    when i grow up i want to write like you ;D

  3. dark, intriguing…

  4. Chilling! I do like the dark stuff

  5. That’s really interesting, and a brave task to undertake! I know the history of my family on my Mother’s side, never researched my stepVader but sometimes I wonder about ‘venomous dna’ in the form of learned behaviours/environment etc? Your poetry always leaves me with questions. ..Amazing!

  6. Wow – quite the strong visuals and an astonishing story – very cool – K

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