poetry by j matthew waters

looking for mr. rorschach

the man in the white coat
hands me a square sheet of paper
encouraging me to tell him
what i think i see

on the white sheet of paper
a black and white monarch butterfly
stretches out her wings in perfect symmetry
her lips tasting the nectar of oswego tea
growing near a garden pond
filled with koi and water lilies

giving back the square sheet of paper
i lower my eyes and
tell the brain doctor
i see some chump sitting on the street corner
hand held out and repeating something silly
like penny for your thoughts

february two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “looking for mr. rorschach

  1. That wasn’t a very good comment back then ^_^. I found myself reading this again from the suggestions under the poems. I find those last three lines like a jab to the ribs.

    Do you really have koi in your pond?

  2. When I went to a therapist in the past, I often felt hostility toward her. Or that I knew better.

    I find it interesting how the sound of moving water can soothe- waterfall, river, rain…

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