poetry by j matthew waters

rocket science

i keep wondering about the
rover on the planet mars
and the guy with the joystick
guiding it around during
daylight hours
telling it where to dig
and using tools at his disposal
to turn a rock over on its side

imagine the look on his
face when he uncovers
the false side of a mountain
exposing a sophisticated
learning ground
where time-tested
ancient mariners develop
tomorrow’s space travelers

february two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “rocket science

  1. I bet that guy has NERVES of STEEL!!! I mean it must be SO terrifying I’d rather be a flight control trafficker!

  2. I love the whimsy in this piece. At least I do so hope it is whimsy and not fact. *looking fearfully at the sky*

  3. Hilarious, John – really like the idea of the surprise discovery! K

  4. jmbhatt on said:

    Fascinating space age poem indeed!!! Like it.

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