poetry by j matthew waters

the insurance salesman

he was destined to be a star
there was no doubt about it

he had the name that just rang true
and he had looks to die for
and the girls were so happy
he wasn’t taken even though
everyone knew he liked guys

he was the number one draft pick
right out of college
after winning the big game
with his golden arm
“he’s going places” i remember
the talking heads saying
as if they knew something
nobody else did

he was destined to be a star
there was no doubt it
but now nobody remembers his name
and not even the talking heads
talk about
where all the money went

february two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “the insurance salesman

  1. Norma Waters on said:

    nice, a little sad/strange! Are you partying at home alone?!


  2. Sad story – but a circumstance heard too often with talented young men in athletics.

  3. really sad..so apt for real world..

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