poetry by j matthew waters

New Moon in the Twelfth House

I don’t necessarily like
the way I was raised
just like I’m not expressly thrilled
with the way I raised my own

I don’t mind all of the free
time I have these days
just like I’ve come to accept
how astrological forces
forever rule the world

I’ve considered going back
to tinker with a few things
but the new moon
in the twelfth house
keeps me grounded here

april two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “New Moon in the Twelfth House

  1. Daphne Ogyen on said:

    in your 12th house??

    • Am I in my 12 house? Is that what you are asking me, Daphne? Or are you asking what it is? Here is a link describing the new moon in each house. http://cafeastrology.com/newmooninhouses.html

      • Daphne Ogyen on said:

        thanks, I was asking if the new moon was transiting your 12th. astrogeek of 20 yrs, might even be considered near pro if not semi-pro

      • Oh, that’s a good question. As far as I know it is not at this time but maybe you can let me know for sure – I am a Scorpio sun with Pisces rising. When it comes to astrology I am just a curious novice 🙂

      • Daphne Ogyen on said:

        curious combo. Pisces rising sure can make you seem innocent *who me?*

        If the new moon was in Aquarius/Pisces, which might very well have been (I’d have to check) it would have been transiting your 12th.. good time to learn to let go. 🙂

  2. The moon keeps me company when I feel lonely! Glad it makes you feel grounded.

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