poetry by j matthew waters

stepping stones

your garden is all grown up
said the daughter
to the old man as they
sat in front of the fire pit
listening to the wood talk

she remembered way back when
there were stepping stones
throughout the garden
and she would jump from one stone
to the next like you would
playing hopscotch

the stones were still there
camouflaged beneath the jungle
barely noticeable amongst the greenery
blossoming a spectrum of colors
rainbows inspired to imitate

do you remember
when we put in the stepping stones
asked the old man

yes I do
answered the daughter
I was just thinking about that

june two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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18 thoughts on “stepping stones

  1. Reassurance of similar thought through the daughter – nice !

  2. Beautiful…the garden’s not the only one who grew up here,lol
    How life moves on and still stands still in our hearts and minds. I love this.

  3. Nice, John! Evokes memories of childhood!

  4. wow i think this poem would evoke memories for many who read this .. it certainly brought back to my mind the stepping stones in a garden when I was a child and this poem gave me goosebumps truly .. innocent times of a life that somehow seems to belong to someone else now but I know was mine on those stepping stones .. ..:)) thankQ always beez ;)x

  5. Stones have life on their own. they are great masters waiting to be found… 🙂

  6. Beautiful work my friend. I especially like the line, “listening to the wood talk”. Very evocative and creates an intriguing atmosphere.

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