poetry by j matthew waters

heart and soul – a poem for the weary

he walks alone
because he has no place
to go
yet he knows
as long as he keeps moving
the world will never slow down

he smiles because
he was told it would keep warm his soul
and he figured
that would be a good thing
in case his heart went cold

remembering is what
he does best
not the yesterday kind of remembering
but the kind
where you go way back when
the kind
that makes you smile
and makes your heart reminisce

july two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “heart and soul – a poem for the weary

  1. There you go again. Looking deep into my soul!

  2. He walks, smiles and remembers – keeps him going – for now, for how long more —

  3. Such a touching poem, lovely, J

  4. this was lovely

  5. Just read this again and can’t help feeling an inexplicable sadness..

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