poetry by j matthew waters


He was born with a suicide pack
strapped around his waist
not too far from where Jesus the prophet died
nor too far from where the once trendiest cafe in town
is now a basketball court

Through the age of seven he pleased Allah
by wearing the gift with pride
fully understanding his duty
was more powerful
than his circumcised phallus

As the eventual light self-destructed
into angelic chaos of heavenly proportions
he leapt into the next dimension
and into the arms
of seventy-two virgins

august two thousand thirteen
original version october two thousand seven
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “Infantry

  1. First of all, what a brave topic. political poetry is hard to like…
    I like that it tells a story, although I am left with questions, seeking maybe a couple more stanzas.
    That last stanza is pure pure magic.
    “As the eventual light self-destructed
    into angelic chaos of heavenly proportions”
    just magical.

    • After my son joined the marines years ago I wrote a series of war poems of which I posted a few here on this blog. This is one of them – although this one I completely rewrote this evening. Thank you once again for visiting my little poetry world and especially for commenting. 😀

  2. So sad that this had to be written 😦

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