poetry by j matthew waters

no way out of ebla

planes overhead
fly day and night
going on forever

kneeling with daughter
elbows on bed
one candle casts a light

equipped to the hilt
martyrs and saints
march into the desert

daughter falls asleep
dreams of war drums
advancing up the street

escape routes collapse
from the dead air
I take her hand and run

september two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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12 thoughts on “no way out of ebla

  1. Very near, very immediate.

  2. thesewordsiwrite2012 on said:

    Wow… that’s all I can say about this piece.

  3. A complete story..thought provoking. Wonderful style& imagery ..

  4. Ebla – a forgotten city, now representing a fearful, forgotten people. A parent and child poignantly portrayed in this powerful poem. Very well done.

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