poetry by j matthew waters

that cool refreshing drink

this notion about life giving you lemons
seems a bit silly

I mean
what about apples
and oranges and pears

there is orange juice
and apple juice
but with pears
it seems they’re
mostly compatible with jello

with lemons I envision
shots of tequila and table salt
even though the most popular
drink of all must be lemonade

as children we constructed a booth
and sold nature’s candy
all summer long
and when the homeless arrived
with their hands held out
we smiled and offered them
dixie cups full of our finest elixir

two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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12 thoughts on “that cool refreshing drink

  1. I like the lemon in my pellegrino, personally. It makes it happier : )

  2. I’ve definitely experienced a lot of lemons served in my life, but sometimes I get a host of other delicious fruits too. You never really know what’s coming next. I’m hoping for bucket full of peaches and pears, very soon, it’s about due now!! 😉

  3. Great poem with a terrific message to end it, I wasn’t expecting it which is why I like this poem so much. Well done sir.

  4. very sweet and touching – loved bringing the concept in the beginning lines to conclusion with the perfect last lines – nice, John – K

  5. John, I agree with Dom, loved your poem with a great message interwoven subtly…
    not to mention, remembering when our kids were little with their lemonade stands! 🙂

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