poetry by j matthew waters

tomorrow’s sunrise

wake me up and tell me
to eat something nutritious
like a bowl of peacefulness

wake me up and ask me
to read something beautiful
that will make me mindful
all roads lead to somewhere

teach me to wake up
with the birds as my alarm
while traces of morning light
illuminates my inner thoughts

teach me to wake up
to the fact that one day I will be
looking down on a world
that is no longer mine
smiling knowing I left my mark
a few are certain to find

wake me up
so I may grind some beans
and share them with you
on a rainy saturday morning

I may not always be here
but I will always
wake up
if not here
then somewhere else
where you are certain to find me

october two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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19 thoughts on “tomorrow’s sunrise

  1. Love this one! So many lovely lessons to those who listen 🙂

  2. honestly brought tears to my eyes, John – really really love this – K

  3. cyberbonn on said:

    super duper

  4. This is quite wonderful, and definitely a great way to view our life. I wish I could wake up to the sound of birds instead of the alarm! 🙂

  5. This is lovely. ‘teach me’…and in the end we teach ourselves. I agree, this can be visualized and felt.

  6. I really love this poem 🙂

  7. this is beautiful.

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