poetry by j matthew waters

fifty ways

there’s something
terribly wrong with me

it seems everyone knows
what it is but me

I ask the doctor
what the hell could it be

I don’t know he says
try talking to your friends

sleepless friends whisper
empty promises

and in the morning
those promises live on

october two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “fifty ways

  1. su layug on said:

    That’s not a doctor, (otherwise, he wouldn’t refer the patient no nonprofessionals) those are not friends (otherwise they wouldn’t be whispering — emtpy promises at that) and there’s nothing wrong with the persona talking in this poem. S/he’s different. His/her friends are all different. But they all need acceptance and acknowledgement. But they all don’t want to acknowledge this.

  2. powerful and deep

  3. I often feel this way…

  4. not the best place to be but makes us stronger nonetheless

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