poetry by j matthew waters

lonesome is the night

out of the blue melancholy
wrapped her arms around me
and held me close
whispering sad songs
and wiping away the tears
that formed from the
corners of my mind

she slowly swayed me
encouraging me to hush
painted pictures of the
moon and stars with her
deceiving voice
expressing how precious
and lonesome is the night

december two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “lonesome is the night

  1. miguelalex888 on said:

    Great use of imagery!

  2. That night lonelyness which provides a counterpoint to our daylight busyness. Recuperation time with the odd tear.

  3. Tears that “formed from the corners of my mind” is a great phrase.

    Love it when writers take expectation and turns it into something magical.

  4. yours as well – thanks so much Melanie

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