poetry by j matthew waters

on getting to first base

she caught me smiling
and pretended she really
never glanced my way

in a bout of bravery I decided
to get up from the patio table
and walked over to hers
and asked her softly
why she had looked my way

oh you reminded me of someone
she began
someone I once met in cincinnati

have you ever been to cincinnati
she asked me
batting her eyes and using her slender
index finger to flick off the long ash
from her virginia slim

no I said
I never have but I once promised myself
I’d like to become a speck in a sea of red
at the stadium there on the ohio river
and catch a foul ball with my bare hands

that sounds like fun she said
why don’t you sit down and share with me
more of your baseball fantasies

january two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “on getting to first base

  1. In all my years I’ve only caught one foul ball.

  2. Pleasant Street on said:

    Did you get to 2nd base with her?

  3. An excellent literary conceit!!!

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