poetry by j matthew waters

behind the alibi

alone I wander the sea
of dreams
just me and my alibi
and yellow submarine

beneath the depths of
deserted space
shooting stars sail on
outside the alibi

old borders collapse
new realities emerge
compressed and
and living a new lie

copyright j matthew waters
april two thousand fourteen
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “behind the alibi

  1. thesewordsiwrite2012 on said:

    Reblogged this on thesewordsiwrite2012 and commented:
    You can always count on J. Matthew Waters for entertaining poetry!

  2. Kirsten on said:

    I enjoyed this poem. I really like how you have an audio version of your poems at the end of each posts.

    • Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on this piece, Kirsten. I’ve always been a fan of the spoken word and believe poetry is better when read out loud. 😀

      • Kirsten on said:

        I’ve done a couple of spoken word posts on my blog. I hope to do more once NaPoWriMo is over. Although, I’m not very good at reading my poetry out loud. 🙂

  3. “and living a new lie” and so it goes…

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