poetry by j matthew waters

girl with poker face smile

girl in polka dot dress sits and
sips cappuccino at the internet cafe
nose to chin masked behind
fingers concealing pocket aces

conspiring to expose her hand
I move all in escorted by kings
proclaiming to win her heart

girl with poker face smile
sips cappuccino at the internet cafe
her eyes looking down and
alluringly taking this town

april two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “girl with poker face smile

  1. Bonnie on said:

    ! 🙂

  2. Ah, methinks she has an ace up her sleeve

  3. This is sick. Love it. Love it.

  4. Kirsten on said:

    This would make a fantastic writing prompt!! All the details…perfection!

  5. You are so stinkin’ clever.

    I sure would like to be that girl, even if just for the frothy coffee and cute dress.

    • you mean in a virtual sort of way?

      • No, I mean I would literally like to spend a whole bunch of very real time in a coffee shop in a cute polka-dot dress. As for the cards, I might rather watch, or be taught. I doubt if I’d be any good at poker — or sipping, for that matter. I drink it pretty fast.

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