poetry by j matthew waters


Acres of sugarcane slowly
burn from manmade fires
designed to consume
dry leaves and deadly snakes
before the open fields
are methodically cut with
machine-like men wielding
cane knives and machetes

Such worldwide crops become
building blocks for molasses and
rum and fuel for third world engines
but when refined and shaped
into bite-sized cubes
become dropped and stirred
into coffee and tea
oftentimes popped
directly into childrens’ mouths

rewritten april two thousand fourteen
original dated october two thousand eleven
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “Sugarcane

  1. OMG! SIMPLE BEAUTIFUL!! loved your metaphors and way of writing.

  2. Kirsten on said:

    I think I just learned more about sugarcane than I’ve ever known. You packed this one tight and so well done!

  3. This poem is too sweet and not bittersweet enough. Sugar causes diabetes. That being said, I loved it!

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