poetry by j matthew waters


out in the field we wielded sickles
carving weeds into baselines
and summer into baseball

when word got out about the
neighborhood transformation
prospects from near and far arrived by
foot and on bike with gloves and caps
and bubble gum and bats

curious seekers trickled in
spectating the self-governed exhibitions
sitting on lawn chairs and blankets
munching popcorn and cracker jack
and sipping five cent lemonade

as the winning run crossed the plate
dinner bells could be heard
echoing through the streets
a signal of sorts to choose two new teams
followed by the first pitch to the third
and final game

june two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “triple-header

  1. carving weeds into baselines
    and summer into baseball

    Beautiful! love this, John! funny, we are watching Field of Dreams right now – smiles K

  2. Tom Phelan on said:

    That was a winner…..no pun intended!

    Sent from my iPad

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