poetry by j matthew waters

true interpretations

it rained all night
and while I slept sharks
swam in circles around my body
either protecting me from myself
or saving me for later

awakened by wind sweeping in
morning sunshine
I took to the kitchen
coffee maker abuzz
birds of the air outside my window
like chatty statuettes
swapping old stories

settling back into real-time solitude
I revisit casualties
both foreign and domestic
making headlines on print and
television and internet
their bodies dead or dying
my prayers hoping they find
doves soaring on the other side

unable to shake the current
course of events
I stare into my oversized cup
of morning petroleum
dorsal fins circling above the surface
daring me to find out the true
interpretation to my dream

june two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “true interpretations

  1. Love how the dream like quality moves to the events of the day and the true interpretation – very cool write, John – K

  2. Bonnie on said:


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