poetry by j matthew waters

Proclamation by Daniella Sciuto and J Matthew Waters (FreeSpace #1)


Welcome to the first FreeSpace from poets Daniella Sciuto and J Matthew Waters. Proclamation is the first of three collaborative pieces that Daniella and John will be creating together.




form my words to suit another

snatch a topic from the air

my heart beats fast in fear of nothing

do I dare

do I really dare


should my thoughts ever dawdle

or refuse to find new words

may the light of day forever blind me

in this world

and in the next


smash the pattern

defy the template

whether in this world or next

yes I dare

I really dare

to throw all thoughts up in the air

grab them

pummel them

write them


read them

bleed them

feel them



out of the depths

of darkest of waters

I pull myself up

breaking the surface


in new air

introducing words

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