poetry by j matthew waters

Rewriting the Universe

by Daniella Sciuto & J Matthew Waters

I drew these lines ages ago without
understanding the consequences
and my desire to protect them
weakened as time wore on

I sketched these images
fast frenetic murals on the wall
portraying all my doubts
concerning this world
and myself
and then I lived on
each day passing by
these lines remained unchanged
concealed by a thin layer of imagination

I crossed the line into a new
form of reality
regaining my strength by
becoming one with creation
drawn across the land
yet the pull of these lines
that basis of all
beyond the veil of life
influenced everything
no matter how much I whitewashed
my tabula rasa was not pure
and I found myself
redrawing the lines
found myself starting all over again

this is how it both
ends and begins
with poetry written
rewritten and rewritten again
layers upon meanings
upon words
with us forever
redrawing the lines
starting all over again
whilst the ghosts of poems past
influence everything

september two thousand fourteenl
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “Rewriting the Universe

  1. Love this collaborative poem – wonderful imagery of creation and re-creation K

  2. frenzyofflies on said:

    I really enjoyed this poem. It works and echoes on so many levels. Great work, you two! 🙂

  3. very well written , beautiful recital. Thank you.

  4. I love the thoughts of poems lost within the layers.. it’s like drawing constellations upon constellations on a starry sky.. great collaboration .. really good. I like that you rewrote it several times, it’s perfectly seamless.

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