poetry by j matthew waters

her world as she knew it

they say there is no setting
or rising of the sun
they say it is always there
and it’s just your imagination
that sometimes it is not

with that in mind I stood at the
doorstep and handed a child
paper and markers and
asked her to interpret the
world as she knew it

from inside her mind she drew
countless circles orbiting
infinite stars
and every now and then
she placed a new moon
where you’d least expect it

I wondered how many of her
suns supported life as we know it
and as I was about to ask her
she told me she needed
more space and time

september two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “her world as she knew it

  1. Love this, John –
    ‘and every now and then
    she placed a new moon
    where you’d least expect it’
    and then that final line! Wonderful!

  2. The words here…they are dancing….in my ears in my soul…Thanks for that…

  3. Enchanting.. I think we all dream of that kind of space and time..

  4. Thank-you for the visits and comments, Björn.

  5. so very beautiful, I loved it from beginning to end~ 🙂

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