poetry by j matthew waters

good riddance to october rain

I don’t remember autumn being this wet
she said

I blinked my eyes and looked outside
thinking to myself what an
absurd thing to say

it’s not that wet I said it’s just an illusion

it’s wet enough they canceled tonight’s
baseball game she said

real men play in the rain I said

you’re an idiot she said and walked away

I raised my glass and made a silent toast
to rid the world of absurdity
and rainy october nights

october two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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13 thoughts on “good riddance to october rain

  1. Arthur Weaver on said:

    Hey thank you ! This is cool ! Now i can tell people i know a reknown poet !

    Sent from Art Weavers iPhone


  2. The only thing which can end October rain is November!

  3. Love this, John, and the ending is perfect…our rain is just beginning and we need it. 🙂

  4. Made me smile this one!! 😀 I guess we can’t all look at life in the same way – even rain! 😉

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  6. Another good one. You are so consistently excellent. I like that you add narration. I have a blogger page too and can’t figure out how to add audio. How do you do it? Thanks. J

    • Thanks so much, Jimmy. I actually pay WordPress a small annual fee to be able store audio on my blog. I use the iPhone voice memo app to record then email it to myself for uploading. Nice to see you visiting and commenting here, love your IG photos!

      • Oh, I didn’t realize your blog was hosted on WordPress. Thought it was stand alone on Blogger. I will look into that. And, thanks for the compliment. J

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