poetry by j matthew waters

thirty stories tall

sweetly your song presents
and stays forever in tune
like a prayer

in my mind I hear nothing
but a repeated melody
that is never tiring and
always alive in my dreams

there is an inescapable part of
young love
never lost between inception and death
somehow living on above reality

alone thirty stories high
I endure my lowest hour
mindful all is equal between young lovers

oh cruel world
thank you for delivering unto me
your irony
for without it
I would have given up long ago

I would not give up the world
for anything except you
would not allow myself
to be alienated from your
yesterday or today
would always be near you
wherever you may be

first kiss so true
oh so vivid in our minds
first love at first sight

beauty appears out of nowhere
shuts off the lights and
turns on our lives

anywhere but here
thirty stories tall
how I’d fall off the edge
to be with you right now

originally written circa nineteen eighty-five
rewrite published on ArtiPeeps earlier this year
recital recorded october two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “thirty stories tall

  1. Those distances.. those distances..

  2. Beautiful J. Thanks for sharing.

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