poetry by j matthew waters

on rare occasions she fell to her knees

I gave birth to peace and named her chance
raised her sheltered from the realities
of a desperate world

coming of age she traveled abroad
fell in love with mercenary work
promising to end man’s repeated mistakes
and reverse the cycle of madness

she circled the globe to feed the hungry
and comfort the orphaned
mending open wounds from strangers
protecting their own unresolved pasts

on rare occasions she fell to her knees
and cursed me for her failures
the pain in her prayers piercing my arm
reminding me
just how much I miss her

november two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “on rare occasions she fell to her knees

  1. Tom Phelan on said:

    I have to say when I read the title I was revved up for something quite different!.

    Heavy one there too!

  2. The opening line is just stellar… this has to be one of your best.

  3. The opening line is a poem all to itself – lovely write, my friend.

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