poetry by j matthew waters

the sound of winter

room by room he drifted
attending to the windows
first shutting the storm
then locking the
lower sash with the upper

he moved mechanically
like an old timepiece
powered by the sun
the swift hand moving
hesitatingly from lack of light
his thoughts fleeting
like the gray winds outside

leaning on the last window
he felt oddly safe
but desperately alone
the sound of winter
forever secured inside

november two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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12 thoughts on “the sound of winter

  1. Dang! that last line was a stunner – beautifully written

  2. Wonderfully written! Thank you

  3. This one is a jewel. Well done.

  4. I think this piece is less about the weather and more about a futile attempt to keep time at bay but whatever the message, this is a rare study with a very human element – ‘like an old timepiece/powered by the sun’ – nice work JMW.

  5. Beautiful and haunting! Just loved it. Reads smooth as silk.

  6. Exactly.. that last line modified the whole meaning.. and made it so much stronger.

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