poetry by j matthew waters

one-way ticket out of here

I walked the back streets into the
heart of the city
pulling on cigarillos and
spitting on beetles

it was noon and I should have
been in school
but the gray sky somehow
took hold of my mind
led me away
to where I was needed most

weeks earlier I had been hoping
to hook up with the outlaw josey wales
but that opportunity had
come and gone
and I was left holding my
head in my hands

(I reminded myself that back home
there is only so much dirt to sweep)

god’s plan is not mine to question
but I’m grateful for the few
hundred dollars in my front pocket
not to mention a one-way ticket
and my mother’s rabbit’s foot

december two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “one-way ticket out of here

  1. The last line did it for me, John. Wishing you a joy filled 2015 – K

  2. Where would you be without your mother’s rabbitfoot.?

  3. lol, tough guy talk 😀

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