poetry by j matthew waters

phantom highway

one hundred miles an hour
is not that fast compared
to the past ten years
gone in a flash
such a blurry mess
god knows where everything
lost or stolen ended up

chasing the southern sun
down a divided highway
a cold one on my lap
flashing red lights
materialize in my rear view
sirens demanding I pull over
this souped-up monster

I don’t think I’ll let them
catch me today
and I disappear by bleeding
into the faraway landscape
my mind and body seemingly
finding new life
plugged into this fine machine

february two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “phantom highway

  1. I like this very much.

  2. “Bleeding into the faraway landscape”… Wonderful writing!

  3. That’s the way to do it – don’t let them catch up with you!! 😉

    Strange, I just made a comment on a photo of someone’s motorbike. And I was saying even though I’m not into bikes it must be a good feeling on one of those. This poem kind of goes really well with that!! 😀

  4. I wonder if it’s wise though.. but I love the hope in dream of disappearing

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