poetry by j matthew waters

Somewhere Between the Lines


I’ve been trying to save myself
Long before I ever met you
I’m trying to understand
Why I feel so alive today
I found a message on the ‘net
That said you had gone away
So why do I keep searching
In a world that’s now unplugged

I don’t recall the last time
I walked on shallow water
There must be something in the air
That makes my eyes turn red
I looked much younger yesterday
When the sky was so much darker
I try to focus past the logic
But the clouds stand in the way

Flying solo used to be easy
When the birds kept in the trees
Hid behind camouflaged branches
Their songs were barely heard
But now the death of fall draws near
And they gather and form rainstorms
Is it any wonder I can’t find you
When my feet stay on the ground


I used to think I could find you hiding
But now I wonder when we’ll share
That moment in time together
Why does the sun always hide
When I walk between the lines

There’s a reason I keep looking
There’s a madness in my mind
I think maybe I should look elsewhere
Is it possible I will find you


It’s been a long long day
I’ve spent miles on this road
I’ve gone a long long way
Going to find my way back home

adapted from original song lyrics written in 2003
february two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “Somewhere Between the Lines

  1. Really love this, John – the longing is palpable –

  2. What a strong longing.. I like how it goes from the net to something more real.

  3. Rose Red on said:

    I like this line : Flying solo used to be easy…
    Good work, thank you for sharing this.

  4. Here is hoping you find everything you are looking for 😉

  5. A beautiful longing, so well written too!! 🙂

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