poetry by j matthew waters

realigning the natural order of things

spade in hand
he didn’t have to go far
to reach rock bottom
sinking the blade into the earth
at the base of the limestone steps

ground firm but forgiving
from a wet winter
it didn’t take long to uncover
a row of sunken treasure preserved
by a mother’s touch and
protective nightcrawlers

this won’t be the last time
these stones have been moved
from one place
to another
won’t be the last time uncovered
by human hands and
reassembled into some sort of order

march two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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12 thoughts on “realigning the natural order of things

  1. that’s very good

  2. thesewordsiwrite2012 on said:

    You already know I love the way you set up the imagery in your writing. This piece makes me think about how man tampers with nature and the consequences that result from it. While it can be useful in some ways, is there a benefit to it all in the long run?

  3. I like the idea of the history of the stones – recreated and transformed – very cool

  4. Rose Red on said:

    love it

  5. Wow, great imagery and leaves one to wonder… and dream

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