poetry by j matthew waters

worldwide window shopping

these marketplaces filled with footfalls
and voices and exchange of ideas
created from the minds of many
duplicated from village to small town
from small city to urban jungle
none of the gatherings remotely identical
but in essence all the same
peaceful people commingling in an
environment of constant energy
fueled by fairness and tolerance
and understanding on a sublime level
the importance of amicable inclusion

april two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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9 thoughts on “worldwide window shopping

  1. Reblogged this on – RedHuman – and commented:
    The open air market thrum of life describes the full array of presence felt. we share the space for but a moment before departure. Perhaps new connections can be made.
    Cheers and be well.

  2. We all get to meet at the world wide souk

  3. Love this – the poem and the emotion behind it – wonderful way to end the week –

  4. It should be easy.. but somehow it’s always hard.

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