poetry by j matthew waters

love in the shadows

there is nothing new here
except for an occasional idea
unspoken and not stirred
swallowed in large gulps

I poured myself another
but still nothing new
same birds singing sad songs
dogs barking at moons
invisible hands swatting
glass wind chimes

the fly and the cockroach
scamper across the floor
the former riding atop the latter
waving his cowboy hat
like a drunken fool

looking around I find there
is nothing new here
not the television
not the radio
not the woman next door
or the sniper in the woods

I am living proof
that the damned still matter
(and even though)
I am drowning my sorrows
there is comfort knowing
there is love in the shadows

may two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “love in the shadows

  1. This is beautiful!

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