poetry by j matthew waters


her lover took her by the hand
leading her to places
she’s never seen before
sounds from the inside inaudible
feet kicking as they scale uphill

there are higher places to climb
than here he tells her
pointing to a pale moon in the blue sky

day surrendered to the stars
her lover reminding her of that night
when nightingales sang lullabies
and wildflowers covered their eyes

there are higher places to climb
than here he tells her
embracing the beauty of their heartbeats

morning arrived and she boarded
the hot air balloon
sailed away weeping and waving
her lover cradling a silent child
promising her all the world
would one day know her name

may two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Author’s Note:
This poem is loosely based on the
song of the same name by Incubus
Click here for youtube video with lyrics

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4 thoughts on “Isadore

  1. Wonderful and sad.. the end is devastating for both.

  2. so sad and beautiful.

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