poetry by j matthew waters

yet another trip to the landfill

there is an empty dumpster sitting in a
driveway down the street

it was delivered there yesterday I said

what the hell are you talking about she said
that dumpster got dropped off last friday

I exhale some sort of harumph
and step into the next room
quickly standing squarely in front
of the bay window
dumbfounded and staring at that thing

tomorrow will make it a week
I say to myself
almost certain tomorrow is friday again

I wonder if I they need any help over there
I yelled back toward the kitchen

not even a “what-did-you-say”

I wonder if I should go fishing
I tell myself
and try to figure out exactly why
a perfectly quiet neighbor
is throwing away his life

may two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “yet another trip to the landfill

  1. Lives thrown away. There are always questions amongst acquaintances about these events. I wrote on the subject from a different point of view https://archiearchive.wordpress.com/cleaning-out/

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  3. Either that or you are creating some place to breathe.. I wonder if that would be better for all of us.

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