poetry by j matthew waters

Revolutionary béisbol

They put Castro on waivers and
brought up his little nephew
to replace him
but only trouble is
neither could manage
to hit their weight

Last time the southsiders came
to town they filled the seats
and then some
even the Hilton across the street
was brimming with Americans in
balconies drinking Bucaneros
and smoking Cubans

But back home things were different
for this makeshift
patched together band of brothers
and if they have visions
of putting together a postseason run
it’ll never happen without
reigniting their fan base
desperate for a full-blown
revolutionary assault
including nickel hot dogs
and peso beer nights

august two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “Revolutionary béisbol

  1. I have started to send out baseball cards with self addressed envelops for past and present players to hopefully autograph. New York Yankees only.

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