poetry by j matthew waters

Once upon a carnival

by Pleasant Street & J Matthew Waters

Shopping for groceries
I turn a corner near the eggs
A feather, buoyant before my eyes
Dancing in the air so I can not reach
The sound of a brass band in produce
A smile on my face for past times

Out in the parking lot
Lost thoughts become louder
Parading with yesterday’s revelries
Like souls without a care
Preventing me from finding my car
Blended amongst all the noise

The carnival days are missed
Black leather on crushed red velvet
Deep glasses of confidence
Unconcerned with consequence
Nights of ambition
Behind masks ’til the wine ran dry

How my mind wanders
Wondering where in the world
We will ever meet
And relive the magic that once
Existed in a special place
Full of color and sound

Succulent nights – joy in our fists
Carefree, somnolent days
Everything glittered
Though nothing was gold
I knew your touch
As well as my name

Passion and danger
We were never strangers to either
Japanese lanterns on fire above us
Below us thin air we danced upon
Like in a fairy tale
That never seemed to end

august two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “Once upon a carnival

  1. Wow this is wonderful! I will “steal” one of your own words to describe it…succulent 🙂

  2. thank you so much Melanie

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